43 Air School Pty Ltd announce that they are now the sole distributors of the full Pipistrel Aircraft Range in South Africa and Portugal

We looked extensively at what product we would like to represent and train with into the future before deciding on Pipistrel. During a recent visit to the Pipistrel factories and flying most of these aircraft for evaluation, 43 signed a Sole Distributor agreement with Pipistrel (Portugal & South Africa)

Our criteria were as follows:

5.Future Sustainability
7.Support and scale
8.Market possibilities
10. Simplicity

Pipistrel ticked all those boxes and a few others. For example on Safety, the aircraft are all equipped with Ballistic Parachutes that can save the crews and the aircraft in a real emergency.
All Pipistrel aircraft are really precisely build. They are designed by 3D printing technology and then produced by the latest composite technology materials, giving them unmatched strength and aerodynamic drag efficiency that is class leading.
On the economy side the electric versions of the Alpha 121SW Trainer, which will be the first fully certified electric training plane, has economies of operation that is unmatched.

“In my 40 years in the aviation industry, I have never seen anything as efficient as these aircraft. The technology in manufacturing gives these aircraft a major advantage in efficiency on all fronts. We are proud to partner with Pipistrel and 43 will be developing programs to integrate the aircraft into our training programs in the future. The Virus SW121, selected for flight training by 43 is an aircraft fully EASA Type-certified for day and night VFR and intentional spins, running on automotive fuel, giving us the flexibility to use these aircraft also for our expansion plans into Europe and India in the near future. The follow on for us to enter aircraft sales focused business, to our product range was inevitable and we believe we have chosen the best product to represent the future of flight training and general aviation” says Attie Niemann, the 43 Air School CEO.
“At Pipistrel they really have the tools for the future in Aircraft training and affordable general aviation. They already have the world’s first fully electric trainer flying and soon they will have it EASA Type-Certified. I don’t think the aviation world has fully appreciated the impact this new technology will have on it and by partnering with Pipistrel to be a Distributor for South Africa and Portugal, we will be at the forefront of developing programs and bring this technology and benefits to the market in our markets. 43 has an unmatched Aircraft Maintenance ability and this will benefit any future owners of the Pipistrel Aircraft immensely.” – says Attie Niemann, the 43 Air School CEO

43 has been evaluating many options to renew its fleet in the future and at the same time entering aircraft sales, but only if that solution can offer significant savings and benefits through technology. Attie Niemann, CEO of 43 Air School, describes the Pipistrel Aircraft range moving to full EASA certified electric and soon Hybrid as a “game-changer for the aviation training and general aviation industry,” noting a myriad benefits, as mentioned above. Sometimes the best and most innovative ideas come from the most unlikely of places, and Pipistrel is one such an example.
Pipistrel Alpha Electro
In South Africa our poor infrastructure, high unemployment rates, and stagnant economies will force us to innovate if we want to stay relevant, thus newer and more economical products are the way to do it. Pipistrel Aircraft represents the best of what technology has to offer aviation and we believe it will make flying affordable again to us and private owners. It also aligns with a program that addresses the economic, environmental, and social needs of our environment and aligns with our visionary goals for the future with the soon-to-be certified first electric aircraft initially confirmed to the traffic pattern. Running on electricity instead of fossil fuels reduces the fuel cost by up to 80 percent and the hourly cost of electricity can be further reduced if we look into solar and wind projects of our own in the near future. There will also be significant associated savings on maintenance in the switchover to the products that Pipistrel offers
“We, at 43 are excited & proud to announce our partnership with Pipistrel and be the sole distributers of the full Pipistrel in South Africa and Portugal.” – Says Attie Niemann, the 43 Air School CEO
“Dealing with 43 Air School immediately felt right. The more I learned about their tradition, values, immense size of operation and attention to detail and environment, human touch, quality, safety and efficiency, the more I was convinced that forming this partnership is the winning factor for Pipistrel’s long term presence in Africa. I look forward to introducing exciting novelties and opportunities to Pipistrel enthusiasts in the region.” – Says Ivo Boscarol, the Founder, Owner and President of Pipistrel Group
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About 43 Air School…

43 Air School, Africa’s leading ATO, has branches in Port Alfred, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and soon Europe, and provides the industry’s most advanced and respected Airline Pilot Training models with unmatched facilities and abilities to deliver these courses. Delivering a unique value-adding, best practice and carefully designed and managed Airline Training Programs from selection to Airliner Type rating, 43 is still the only Pilot Training Organization accredited by SACAA to offer the integrated Airline Pilot Program. Recently 43 Air School was voted the best Aviation Company and runner up Aviation Safety at the CAIA Awards by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

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About Pipistrel…

Pipistrel is a world leading small aircraft designer and producer. With 30 years of experience Pipistrel has gained significant international reputation and delivered unique, innovative products to passionate customers on all continents. First-to-fly an electric two-seater in 2007 and an electric four-seater in 2011, Pipistrel won the NASA challenge for the »best small aircraft in the world« three times and the “European Business Award” for Innovation in 2010. Pipistrel has produced more than 1,500 aircraft to date. The Pipistrel Vertical Solutions team has designed eight different electric aircraft since 2007 and has developed aircraft propulsion systems for NASA and Siemens’s aircraft. The company holds an EASA Design, Production and Maintenance Organisation Approvals and has the capability of bringing a new aircraft design concept from a basic idea into a certified design, ready for production. Pipistrel won a tender of Indian Armed Forces to supply 194 aircraft to the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and National Cadet Corps. Because of all these achievements, the president of the Republic of Slovenia decorated the Pipistrel team with the highest civil award in the country: the Golden Order for services to the Republic of Slovenia.

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