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World's Leading Pilot Selection Tool

Selecting the best candidates for pilot training, type training or pilot employment is a difficult, delicate but extremely important task.

European Pilot Selection and Training (EPST), a leading FTO/TRTO and pilot selection specialist based in the Netherlands, developed COMPASS: computerised pilot aptitude screening system

COMPASS is a PC-based pilot selection tool that fulfils the need for a reliable, objective, scientifically proven and cost-effective screening method. Developed since 1997, COMPASS has become the world's leading pilot selection tool. For many years, renowned airlines have trusted COMPASS to help screen their future pilot employees and a large number of flight training organisations have used COMPASS to take on the responsibility to see if a candidate is qualified for a career as a professional pilot.

Our COMPASS clients are found all around the world; from the UK to China, Russia to Australia, South Africa to The Netherlands.

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How it works

COMPASS is a robust PC-based selection tool.

After a very short briefing, candidates are placed behind the COMPASS PC and the system guides them through all aptitude tests automatically, using on-screen instructions. Before each test, a short practice run is provided to the candidate. Tests include visual and audible elements as well as physical inputs using a joystick and rubber pedals.

After all the tests have been completed, an automatic scoring and analysis report is available immediately. This report can be printed, if so desired. The provides clients with a clear picture of the candidates' performance, his strengths and weaknesses as well as the overall indication of flying aptitude. The report is designed to be easily interpreted by non-expert staff. 

Operator Requirements 

COMPASS requires only a standard computer hardware. It can be installed with an internet connection. No specialised personnel is required to operate the COMPASS system locally. 

Several Languages Available 

Depending on a client's requirements, COMPASS can be provided in addition to English, such as Chinese, Turkish, Spanish or Russian.

Reduce Flight Training Failures  

when a selection procedure consisting of COMPASS screening and a standardised simulator assessment is performed, it is possible to reduce the number of persons failing their flight training to virtually zero. EPST's failure rate since 1999 is less than 0.2%.

Excellent Track Record

More than 19.000 COMPASS pilot selection tests have proven to reduce the failure rate of flight training and new hires, resulting in valuable time and cost saving and reducing the need for extra training.

Statistical analysis comparing candidates with the wide range of COMPASS scores with 'blind' simulator training assessments and the results of flight training shows a correlation in excess of .79. When comparing the results for UK TRTO pilot candidates, a prediction rate of 89% is achieved.

COMPASS brochure

Selecting the best candidates for pilot training, type training or pilot employment is a difficult, delicate but extremely import task.


Optional Modules

  • Aviation English, an ICAO requirement, which assesses the ability of a candidate to reach at least LPE level 4 upon completion of flight training.
  • Verbal reasoning and comprehension, where a candidate's ability to understand, analyze and logically interpret written information is assessed.
  • CPP (Checklist Professional Profile) psychometric test, created by the Institute of Aviation Psychology. 

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