Our Enrolment Process

I have decided on the course I would like to do, what is the next step?

You can request a training estimate for the course you would like to do, by either contacting one of our Marketing Team members or directly from our "Get an Estimate" link on this website.

I have received a training estimate, and I want to commence with my enrolment

In order for us to process your enrolment, we will require the following from you:

  1. Proof of payment for your Deposit - This will secure your place for your intake
  2. Signed estimate form 
  3. Signed enrollment form 
  4. Signed conditions of enrollment pages (2) 
  5. Copy of ID or passport - Please note that the enrolment process can not begin without a copy of your Passport / ID 
  6. Copy of medical aid cover and/or card (both front & back), or completed application form. 
  7. Certified Copy of school leaving certificate or tertiary diploma/degree, if you are still waiting for your results, your application can be sent in with your latest results 
  8. Personal particular form

How do I pay my deposit?

Deposits can be made directly into our Bank account.

43 Air School (Pty) Ltd
First National Bank (Port Alfred branch, code 21 09 17)
Account number 62047952248
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ 

Please make sure that you use your name as the Reference, and that you send us a proof of payment so that we can track the Deposit in our Bank records.

What is the next step?

Once we have received all your documents, and the deposit amount has reflected in our bank account, we will send you a confirmation letter. This will confirm your place in the intake you have selected.

If I am not South African, do I need to apply for a Study Visa?

Yes, all non-South African residents need to apply for a 24 month Study Visa, made out in 43 Air School's name. Study visas can take up to 8 weeks to issue, so please make sure that you apply for this, as soon as you receive your confirmation and visa letters.

Does 43 Air School help me apply for my Study Visa?

Unfortunately, the Embassies do not allow third parties to get involved in the application process. We do however issue you with a visa letter, that will assist you in the application.

Do I require Medical Aid Cover?

It is essential for you to have Medical Aid, for your flying portion of your training, and for your Visa application. If you do not have Medical Aid, we are able to send you the application forms for the Medical Aid Company that 43 Air School uses. Applications take 3-5 days to process.

Who Funds Pilot Training?

Pilot training is funded by the end user of the training benefit, namely Airlines, Governmental Skills development departments and numerous individual financing houses, such as Javlin Air Services.

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