Boeing vs Airbus: And The Winner Is?

The Rivalry between Boeing and Airbus The competition between Boeing and Airbus has been characterised as a duopoly in the large jet airliner market since the 1990’s. This resulted from a series of mergers within the global aerospace industry, with Airbus beginning as...

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What makes a truly global flying school?

A Global Flying School There are many flying schools to choose from around the world, each offering a different training environment, facilities and equipment and the courses may vary in terms of structure, length and quality, but ultimately there are only a select...

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How to become a pilot?

Becoming a pilot is a passion So you want to become a pilot? Find out what you need to get started right here. We are sure you have plenty of questions and at 43 Air School, we make the process very simple. The decision of becoming a pilot is an easy one...

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