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Creating Thinking Pilots the 43 Way

03 November 2015
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At 43 we have been focusing a serious amount of resources and time to differentiate our training into creating “thinking” Pilots as opposed to merely qualifying with a pilot’s license in hand.. 

This was done through implementation of airline evidence based outcome procedures and principles; firstly into our instructor pool and then changing the way we do things through careful planning and training.

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Solo Recognition - October

02 November 2015
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The traditional removal of a new pilot's shirt tail is a sign of the instructor's new confidence in his student. 

In the days of tandem trainers, the instructor would tug at the student’s shirt tail whenever he was getting himself into trouble. After the first solo, the new pilot is competent in the air and does not need such a safety device. 

This tradition has been modernised at 43 by cutting ties instead of shirt tails at our monthly Solo parties.

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Director Of Flight Training - Des Lynch (October)

01 November 2015
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I want to be an airline pilot! This is undoubtedly the aim of most of the students who enrol at 43 Air School and this is also why most enrol for the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot’s License (IATPL).

We are the only School in South Africa offering this course and have gained lots of experience with it. It entails a great deal of work; both theoretical and practical. It also costs a lot of money... It does not necessarily guarantee you a job, although it sets you on the front foot on your career path. It means that you have a ‘frozen ATPL’ as well as the theoretical subjects for the ATPL which you may attain when you have the required experience.

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