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3 Benefits of getting a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)

If the exhilaration, the thrill, the excitement and the challenge of flying are things that excite you and lure you to wanting to learn more about flying, then a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) may be the first & foremost step that you should take to make your dream come true.

PPL is a type of Pilot Licence that lets you fly an aircraft non-commercially, for your own recreation, which means a pilot is not permitted to fly a commercial aircraft or take charge of one with passengers or cargo or receive remuneration for this.

Flight safety is the most important aspect in the sky. Selecting the right Flying School for PPL training is critical and the course must be approved and include a minimum of 40 hours of flight training.

3 Benefits if PPL

Here are 3 benefits of obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence

  • A great addition to your Resume - A private pilot’s license can be a great talking point on your resume. Potential employers will view this as a unique accomplishment and view you as a responsible person. If you can fly an airplane, you should have the cognitive abilities of problem-solving, mathematical skill and able to deal with stressful situations with relative calm. If you plan on becoming a commercial pilot later in life, this will also show great intent.
  • Improve your Multitasking Skills - Flying a plane requires a great deal of multitasking. In fact, many accidents are caused by pilots becoming distracted and overwhelmed which can lead to bad decisions in the air. Learning to juggle flying, radio operation, communication, and navigation will overflow into other aspects of your life. The skill to focus on tasks in sequential order is a great skill taken from flying.
  • Access to Business or Adventure - As a pilot, you can create exciting trips that are only limited by your imagination and budget. There are few things more enjoyable than flying into a remote location to do some business, fishing, exploring, or simply relaxing. What would be a miserable 12-hour drive is usually reduced to a flight of half that time if not less in a single-engine plane. Not to mention, half the excitement is flying to the location.

The benefits of a pilot’s licence are unique to each individual. The most important point to bear in mind, though, is that a private pilot licence is in effect only a gateway to further learning if you want to pursue either night, weather or frequent flying or considering flying as a career.

If a pilot wants to fly a lot or experience night and weather flying, even if just for pleasure, then investing in an instrument flight rating qualification should be considered. While it adds to the initial expense, it's a good way to prepare for those days when things don't go quite as expected or emergency situations arise.

Having a PPL and flying a private plane is a great way to make it easier to conduct business in different cities and this could be a great way to save money or time. However, you cannot conduct any business using an airplane (carrying passengers or cargo, etc.) unless you have at least a commercial pilot licence.

The real advantages of a PPL lie in the ability to go wherever you want (within regulatory limits) in daytime or at night, carrying as many passengers as you want and the aircraft is certified for (although not for hire), and crossing international borders if desired. Beyond that, if you want to fly for a living, you need a higher class of license.

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