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43 Air School History and Facts

A Word From Our CEO - Attie Niemann.

43 Air School will start the testing of SEAMS (Smart Electronic Aircraft Management System)a system that will greatly enhance the efficiency and programming of the busy 43 flight line and scheduling.
We thought it would be a good time to share some interesting milestones ,history, facts and figures on 43 Air School with our 43 e-drogue readers.

Brief notes on History and timeline @ 43 Air School

1941 43 Air School established as Joint air forces training base during the 2nd World War (3000 soldiers live on base)

1950-60 43 Air School airfield operated by South African Air force 

1960-70 The airfield was used by civilian and military aircraft for routine training.

1970-88 43 Base abandoned by military and largely served as an airfield for nearby coastal town of Port Alfred, during this time a lot of our history was unfortunately lost as the base was at the mercy of looting and stealing as it was not occupied.

1988 43 Air School Pilot Training school re-established by Jim Davis

1998 1st Airline contract is secured

2002 NAFCO group buys 43 Air School investing in upgrading facilities and offerings.
43 was flying around 1200hr per month at that time.

2006 43 Advanced is started in Johannesburg serving General aviation market

2008 43 Bhisho is activated to increase capacity in ab- initio training 

2009 New Online exam centers and new ground school facilities opened.
43 becomes a Piper approved Sales and service Center
2010 Integrated ATPL introduced. 43 is still the only Flight school offering this.
43 AS flying training combined flying in excess of 5000hr per month.
43 ATC school started as well as Wright Place opening.
During this year 43 flew 56 000hr (ave of 4600hr per month)at that time a record and 20 000hr more than the whole of the South African Air force in total.

2011 Boeing accreditation

2012 Airline training integrated into our instruction methodology with Project Joshua (All 43 instructors underwent a retraining to align our instructional methodologies to Airline standard.

2013 E Learning curriculum and Jeppeson approved training accreditation

2014 Airline ready offering added with the 43 Jet Pilot Program taking student from 0 to Airline Type Rated ready, IPad roll out in our offering in ground school and flying modules.43 embarks on it Airline Ready Training program and established a Port Elizabeth base to cater for this. C Compass Pilot assessment introduced.

2015 SEAMS Operations management system implemented. With this and our e-learning offering we will be able to teach individually and at different progress levels all our students irrespective of wich course they are doing, more efficiently and at the very highest standard in Pilot Training. Our training now has the unmatched ability to take a student form selection after school to a 737NG type rating offering seamlessly and within 2 years. Unmatched on the Continent.

Facts on 43 Air School ( these are mostly unique to 43 )

  • 4 Campuses and offers a full range of aviation training courses.
  • 200+ Permanent 43 Staff including around 60 full time Instructors on average.
  • 50% of our instructor core Gr2 or higher qualified and we have in-house GR 1 and DFE (Designated flight Examiners).
  • Capacity to fly 6000 hr per month
  • Unmatched Training fleet on Continent at around 60 Aircraft average.
  • Only Flight school that offers full e-Learning curriculum Integrated Commercial and integrated ATPL as well as Airline Type rating.
  • 43 can Type Rate a student from selection with no experience to Airline 737 800NG in 18 months.
  • 43 have 2 dedicated airfields at our disposal, one with ILS (instrument landing capacity) and access to largest General Flying area in South Africa 6500 sq km 
  • 43 serves on average 1000+ meals per day at our Port Alfred campus
  • 43 offers 5 meal choices at our lunch serving incl. Health, Vegetarian, Halaal and a fast food option.
  • 43 has a dedicated ground school and instructors with online exam facilities 
  • 43 has seen over 5000 professional pilots graduate through our various offerings and campuses.
  • 43 Services all its aircraft and equipment(including engine overhauls) and the heavy maintenance at our Port Alfred facility
  • All 43 aircraft in addition to the mandatory 100hr service intervals also get a mandatory 50 hr interval inspection.
  • Managed 43 Social program for all our students 
  • Our campus offers full range of Sport and Social facilities with Wi-Fi coverage

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