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43 Student Achievements (June)

Graduation day at the 43 Air School ATS College; Manager Vincent Lessing with 4 of the successful graduates. Kevin De Kock is the 5th but is on leave. Bridgette, Neresa, Reinhardt and Kevin are 43 Air School sponsored AFIS Cadets who will "man" our tower going forward.

Achievements Jun2015 1

Achievements Jun2015 2

Neresa Naicker

Achievements Jun2015 3

Reinhardt Odendaal

Achievements Jun2015 4

Bridgette Lebona

Achievements Jun2015 5

Instructors and students; from left to right; Instructor Tim Fey, Bridgette Lebona, AFIS Reinhardt Odendaal, Anakin Pretorius, Manager Vincent Lessing, Neresa Naicker and Instructor Walter Dinkelmann. Tim and Walter are former AFIS Cadets and are now flight instructors as well. Bridgette and Neresa will now commence validation of their licenses in our tower.

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