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5 Advantages of Training at a Flight School in South Africa

Why choose a flight school in South Africa?

Moving forward in a career as thrilling as aviation has an, exceedingly longer than most, list of rewarding benefits and training at a flight school in South Africa has its distinct advantages. Choosing the right flight school to fulfil that dream is a critical decision that will impact the way a pilot proceeds in his or her future endeavours. It’s not just about being able to complete the course but also about enjoy the journey and making sure that the training is recognised by major airlines.

Flight Schools South Africa

Let us take a look at what it will entail in exploring an adventure of training at a flight school in South Africa, especially for those travelling from abroad.

5 Basic advantages of attending a flight school in South Africa

1. Location, location, location: Is elaboration even required? Not only is South Africa internationally renowned for its breath-taking coastal scenery and its fauna & flora, it’s also ranked as one of the best locations to attain a pilot license in the world. With some top-notch dedicated training fleets, as well as some of the most experienced trainers worldwide, finding the perfect flight school in South Africa is relatively easy.

2. Pricing: Offering a high-quality learning experience is not the only advantage here. South Africa’s flight schools have a serious passion for aviation and want to attract students from all over the world, therefore the prices are competitively low. A further advantage for most international students is the extremely favourable exchange rate, which plays in their favour. Even with the addition of accommodation and other daily expenses, it still compares favourably.

3. The best of both worlds: Travelling abroad and experiencing another country is an experience all on its own and has idiosyncratic perks - from exploring pristine locations to encountering unfamiliar cultures. What makes South Africa stand out more than other destinations is its diversity and its friendly people.

Attending a flight school here means that a student can experience new cultures, share stories with new friends all while receiving world class tuition.

4. Weather/ climate: South Africa possesses some of the best flying conditions which will only help pilots spend far more time in the air to rack up those required flying hours. This means that courses run minimal risk of being delayed due to unforeseen bad weather conditions.

This also means that any leisure time afforded can be enjoyed lounging around on the sandy beaches close by or enjoying the many terrific tourist destinations in South Africa.

5. Accommodation: When entering this career path, it’s safe to say that home #1 is up in the sky and home#2 is safely on the ground of mere mortals. Though much time will be spent in the sky, there is nothing better than finishing off a long day and having a comfortable environment to relax in and enjoy some much-needed rest. A top flight school should offer these facilities and there should also be the option of alternative accommodation in the near vicinity.

Flight Schools in South Africa

Luckily most flight schools, like 43 Air School, understand that moving abroad is an emotional rollercoaster and therefore try to remove as much stress from the process by offering live-in campuses with facilities that are well-maintained and modern.

Attending a flight school in South Africa is not just about obtaining a qualification but also about the life changing journey.

Pilot training in sunny South Africa is about a perfect work-life balance with a combination of un-waivered & dedicated hard work, as well as great play time.

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