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6 Awesome Benefits of Being a Commercial Pilot

Why you will want to be a Commercial Pilot

Becoming a Commercial Pilot is often a dream career that most have had from a young age; the possibility of flying all over the world and touching the skies has no doubt left many imaginations soaring. However, only a few peruse becoming a Commercial Pilot as a legit career, which is baffling as the benefits of being a Pilot are endless!

Commercial Pilot Benifits

Here are 6 benefits as to why becoming a Commercial Pilot is completely worth your wild. 

1. Extreme Job Satisfaction: There are few things better in life than going to work and actually enjoying what one does - and getting paid for it! The job is always different, it's stimulating, interesting, and can be extremely rewarding.

2. Flexible Schedules: Commercial Pilots don't work the typical 9 to 5 schedule that many other professionals do. Generally, pilots have groups of days where they are "ON" and have groups of days off where they are "OFF." It is not unusual for Pilots to get two weeks of time off a month. Many pilots use this time to pursue interests such as running a small business on the side, although many use the time off to become serious students of Golf or some other interests/hobbies.

3. Travel Possibilities: A Commercial Pilot will have the opportunity to "see the world" on the airline’s dime and all while ‘working’ – it doesn’t get much better that! Other travel benefits can include inexpensive seating to wherever the airline flies, or discounted airline tickets for family and parents. As a pilot travelling alone jump-seat(s) in the cockpit are sometimes made available too, and usually for free. With this benefit, one can travel virtually anywhere in the world.

4. Exposure to Diversity: As a Commercial Pilot, meeting different people and cultures comes standard! Interacting with passengers and helping them get to vacations, weddings, funerals, births, and other important life events are rewarding.

5. Live Anywhere: Pilots can choose to live outside of the city they are based in, the pilot can choose to live "in base" or anywhere else, as desired. Few jobs offer that type of flexibility.

6. Age is Not a deciding factor: Unlike other professions where once you hit a ‘certain age’ it becomes more difficult to find employment; in the airline business the airlines don't really seem to care how old one is.

The demand is great for new pilots to train and enter the Airline Industry - the need for new Commercial Pilots is well known. Obtaining solid flight training is the key to getting started, and one can do so with the knowledge that the demand for Commercial Pilots is high once the training is complete.

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