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A Career as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

What is an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic?

Considering a career in aviation but prefer your feet to be steady on the ground? Are you dexterous and have a keen eye for anything mechanical? Then becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a formidable & interesting path but a crucial one. It’s internationally recognised and always sought-after.

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Career

An Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic also known as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) and commonly referred to as Airframe and Powerplant Technicians (A&Ps), is a licensed career where the main focus is to repair and complete maintenance to a variety of aircraft.

The key focus area of an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

This is a perplexing field to break into; just as becoming an aviation pilot has to cater for everyone’s safety in the air, an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic needs to cater not only the public’s but also the pilot's safety before they can even take off the ground.

The aim of an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic is to ensure the overall safety of the aircraft is complete and reliable before anything else can be done. It is the job of the aircraft maintenance mechanic to determine if all parts are still in an acceptable condition to use, need repairs or need to be replaced entirely. Inspections on all aspects of the aircraft are done and meticulous record keeping is critically important. These mostly include electronic, mechanical and structural.

The essential attributes of an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

• Dexterity: being a mechanic involves practical skills. You should be confident enough to be able to break things down and accurately puzzling them together again
• Meticulous: a fine eye for precision and exact detail – small or big. Mechanics have to be able to have the patience to test every component and be able to pick up if anything is out of place
• Technologically Inclined: aircraft have numerous complicated gauges and components that need to be tested. Having an interest in and being technically advanced will assist in this aspect
• Problem-solving: problem solving is part of a mechanic’s daily tasks. Some minor and some unknown. A requirement is to be able to think on one’s feet and find solutions in a limited time period

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Suitability

Who is best suited to becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic?

Anyone who is dedicated, head-strong and hands-on can embark on this career; however, this is a critical job and revolves around the safety of others and therefore an Aircraft Mechanic should be dedicated, focussed, accurate in detail, patient and always alert. A sharp mind, a love for practical investigation and implementation, as well as a keen eye detecting problems, are also imperative. Getting the best tuition and correct amount of practical application are what an air school should offer.

Basic Requirements

• Must be 18 years and older
• Be able to read, write, speak and have an overall good knowledge of English - this will improve international opportunities
• Practical experience
• Pass 3 types of tests - written, oral and practical

How to get the correct training?

There are various institutes all around the world offering courses on qualifying as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic. With the industry growing so rapidly, this is a career in a demand and the more equipped and skilful a person is, the better the chances of succeeding are.

Be sure to find an institution with a well-established name in the aviation industry that offers an accredited and recognised qualification. A Compass Test for Pilots could help establish and narrow down the field of interest if there is any uncertainty as to a career choice in aviation. The test is affordable and could end up saving any expensive career choice mistakes.

More here on what the course entails for an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic .

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