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Advanced Course in B1900 Type Rating

B1900 Type Rating

Beech B1900 Aircraft are manufactured and designed by the Beech Aircraft Corporation, whose speciality is general aviation and military aircraft. This durable twin-engine aircraft was designed to fortify all weather conditions while primarily transporting passengers safely. It is a great workhorse built for regional flight but is also used as a freight aircraft, corporate transport and for short runway take-off and landing.

Obtaining a B1900 Type Rating is an exciting two-step program namely, the Beechcraft 1900 Initial Type Rating and then proceeding on to the Beechcraft 1900 Recurrency.

Below we will go into more detail on each course as these courses are designed to provide upcoming pilots with the specific skill set to manage these aircraft and the challenges that they bring.

Beech B1900 Type Rating Aircraft

Beechcraft B1900 Initial Type Rating

This part of the course takes place over a timeframe of 21 to 25 days and includes 16 simulation flying hours. Before entering this course, there are a few pre-entry requirements to take note of.

This course includes

  • CBT Training
  • Courseware
  • Ground School Training

Additional Course Information

Phase 1 – Consists of Ground School Training

Some of the sections to look forward to include technical training, multi-crew coordination training and normal, as well as abnormal/emergency cockpit procedures.

Phase 2 – Flight Simulator Training

This phase is a total of 16 hours in 4 separate simulator sessions which trains the pilot on normal and abnormal flight procedures, as well as line orientated flight training and proficiency checks.

Once the B1900 Initial Type Rating is completed, it is advisable to complete the Recurrency course as collaboration is the key to growth.

Beechcraft B1900 Recurrency Type Rating

This course takes a total of 21 days to complete and the pre-entry requirements to attend this course at 43 Advanced are important to take note of.

43 Advanced requires pilots to be current in terms of Multi Engine Instrument Flying. The course is designed to provide the pilot with 'aircraft type specific' training and not basic multi-engine/instrument flying training. Should recurrent training be required before the commencement of this course, 43 Advanced offers a Multi Engine instrument flying currency program.

An SACAA CPL/ATPL or other NAA equivalent qualification is also required and should the pilot hold a NAA equivalent, it becomes vital to enquire and confirm with their NAA whether the type rating may be obtained in South Africa

B1900 Type Rating Simulator

Additional Course Information

Phase 1 – Ground School Training

In the Advanced B1900 Recurrency training, there is a bit of a repeat in terms of the ground training if compared to the B1900 Initial Type Rating. The focus in the recurrency training, however, is on proficiency and the cockpit procedures can also be company specific (SOP).

Phase 2 – Flight Simulator Training

There are 2 hours pilot flying and 2 hours pilot monitoring included in this section. Simulator training can also be tailored to be flight company specific.

Phase 3 – Pilot Proficiency Check

The proficiency test completed by an examiner takes 2 hours.

Once the above course has been completed, the final qualification, a B1900 Type Rating is achieved. These courses are designed to ensure that any pilot having completed the training has an understanding of the Beech B1900 aircraft of their choice and confidence in handling it.

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