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Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Training

Africa's First Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Has Arrived

The Airbus A320 flight simulator training was created to provide training for commercial pilots at various stages in their career. Whether it’s preparing for an airline assessment, line orientation or command training this Flight Simulator is there to help commercial pilots learn.

Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Interior

It is an advanced system for virtual reality training, designed for commercial pilots who plan on flying the Airbus A320. They create simulated applications for training in normal and abnormal operation of aircraft, develop and implement solutions based on customer needs to promote high efficiency and flight safety.

The primary purpose is to facilitate training in the operation of an aircraft, with an autonomous and interactive program, which develops, through training, a very high visual acuity in the pilots and flight operators, which will allow them to recognize, become familiar with and react to abnormal situations such as a starter with high temperature, loss of oil pressure, fire in the engine and others referred to in the respective operator's manual.

Airline Pilot Preparation Program

Before a commercial pilot can fly an Airbus A320 it is extremely important for them to follow an Airline Pilot Preparation Program to help them become confident, qualified commercial pilots. This program will take the candidate from a CPL/IRT level in a light single pilot aircraft to type rating in a Jet Airliner.

The concepts learnt during this program are applicable to type rating in any modern commercial jet transport. In this program, the candidate will learn about multi-crew co-ordination , jet aircraft handling and Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800 type ratings, whichever they choose. In this course, the candidate will go through 6 phases for direct entry into the right-hand seat of the airliner as a first officer.

Phase 1 - Technical Familiarization – to establish a sound technical knowledge of the aircraft type.

Phase 2 - Flight Management System & Auto Flight – Introduces the basic functionalities of the Flight Management System and Auto Flight System of the Airbus A320.

Phase 3 - Jet Handling & Manufacturer SOP Development - core competencies of aircraft handling, flight path management and Airline standard operational practices are developed.

Phase 4 - Non-Normal Procedures – there is a systematic introduction to all non-normal situations and procedures.

Phase 5 - Advanced Concepts - addresses the listed operational elements of an Airbus A320.

Phase 6 - Operator Consolidation and Evaluation - consists of four Line Orientated Evaluation sessions flown with a qualified, type rated Line Captain.

Why is Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Training so important?

It provides practice for all aspiring commercial pilots in normal and simulated failures, without spending fuel or exposing the occupants to a life threatening situation. An opportunity is given for repeated practice which is essential for achieving high operation and safety standards without danger. When the future pilot is trained on a real flight simulator, he/she will become more proficient when dealing with abnormal operating situations on land through simulations, which are impossible to simulate in the aircraft during flight without a high risk of danger once again.

Further advantages of the Airbus A320 flight simulator include the elimination of unnecessary noise pollutions, which creates a better learning environment, less staff are required in the training process and most importantly it creates a safe learning environment in life threatening situations when a pilot needs to remain calm. The environment thus allows for a higher degree flexible and personalised training.

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