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All about the B1900

Whether you are flying with cargo or going on a business trip with the whole team, the Beechcraft 1900 (B1900) is a convenient and comfortable mode of transport to avoid losing travel time when travelling regionally. In what ways is the B1900 such a great regional travel option though? Read to find out all about the B1900.

b1900 plane


The B1900 is a 19-passenger aircraft that was manufactured by Beechcraft as a regional airliner, which first took flight in 1982. It was designed to fly in all weather conditions and agile enough to land and take off on shorter run ways making it the ideal aircraft to land as close to your destination as possible. The B1900 is also capable of landing on grass and rough runways making it adaptable for unusual landing requirements.


When you board this private aircraft, you will see that it caters for both passengers and cargo alike. The plane can comfortably seat 19 passengers with a cabin height of just under 1.5 meters and nearly 1.4 meters wide. If you’re worried about cargo weight capacity, the B1900 can take off carrying over 7 700kgs. In terms of range and speed, the aircraft can maintain a cruising speed of 500km/h (300mph or 270 knots) and cover 1900km on full fuel tanks, but average flights usually range from 20 minutes to 2 hours (160 – 960km).


A standard B1900 offers Wi-Fi to allow passengers to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues. If you’re looking forward to ‘going dark’ for the duration of your flight then you can keep your devices switched off and rather make use of the in-flight entertainment that is usually available on the B1900, depending on your charter. The newest models come with pull-out tables to allow passengers to do a little work while in transit and enjoy snacks in comfort.


The B1900, famous for its short take-offs and landings can reach a maximum cruising altitude in less than 15 minutes but the pilot needs passenger details to ensure he/she maximizes the best route and schedule consistently. It’s important to confirm the number of passengers that will be boarding and to ascertain from the flight operator what the trip’s allowable baggage weight is. Knowing these details will help prepare the aircraft for a smooth flight and maximum performance.

The functionality of the B1900 is what makes this aircraft the popular choice for private, military, executives and freight transportation. It can transport a corporate team or large family to a local event but it can also be adjusted to accommodate freight. The B1900 is a convenient private form of transport that gets you as close to your destination as possible and with additional comforts to make your flight a luxurious one.

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