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Creating Thinking Pilots the 43 Way

A Word From Our Ceo - Attie Niemann

“An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgments simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.”
-Edward de Bono-

At 43 we have been focusing a serious amount of resources and time to differentiate our training into creating “thinking” Pilots as opposed to merely qualifying with a pilot’s license in hand.. 

This was done through implementation of airline evidence based outcome procedures and principles; firstly into our instructor pool and then changing the way we do things through careful planning and training.

We are serious about doing things more professionally and better preparing our students for the real life jobs out there in the industry. This approach was paying dividends through better instruction, better students and better alignment of the route a Pilot will follow during his career. We also strategically aligned ourselves to better prepare our students for the Airline career they will pursue.

Currently most students in the aviation industry will qualify with a Commercial license and then fly for a period of 3-5 years (if they’re lucky enough to find a job) in a smaller and less formal flying environment we call the “wilderness”; like charter, contracts and / or bush flying. This environments does give a Pilot the “hours building”, as it is called, to meet the requirements most airlines prescribe. The problem is that most of the flying is done in a non-structured, non-monitored environment. Therefore, although it builds experience, it really does not prepare the prospective airline pilot for what is to follow. It could actually ingrain the pilots’ bad habits and non-appropriate behavior for airlines at a very early stage of their career. This could result in these candidates finding it very tough to readjust back to the required way that is needed to be prepared for airline flying.

43 now offers the only Integrated Airline Transport qualification on the African continent, as well as the airline preparation course that will take a student through all the necessary groundwork to be airline ready. 

In fact, we offer the student the required end qualification, being a Boeing737NG (soon the Airbus A320) type rating in a very short time after he qualifies his initial phase with us. Through technology and new generation training methods, we are now able to properly prepare any of our candidates who follow this course to be employable in most airlines. We believe this is a far more cost effective and more professional way of getting a student airline ready and qualified for the real world. This idea was initially met with scepticism in the industry and uncertainty that we could deliver this program! We have recently demonstrated to most airlines that indeed we could deliver students of superior quality through this program.

The industry is fast taking notice, not only of this option, but also the quality of our students at the relatively low hours that we have them ready. Our students that have completed the full course will be employable straight into any airline operating the aircraft type that he or she will be flying.

We know the airlines have no options in this regard and, if one considers the historical way of taking in a student with a 1000 hours, with most of this being non-appropriate experience, resulting in the airlines having to spend up to 70 hours on their expensive simulators in their training divisions, with their expensive line training crew, teaching initial qualifications to the new airline pilots. This is a very expensive and time consuming job for any airline’s training division that actually has to be busy earning revenue and doing their active crews’ recurrence training.

Piloting an aircraft requires the application of human behaviors to achieve safe and efficient flight. We can think of piloting behaviors as falling into three, basic categories or behavior sets: skill-based, rules-based and knowledge-based.

If you are interested in more information on programs at 43, do not hesitate to visit our website at www.43airschool.com

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