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Director Of Flight Training - Des Lynch

Commercial Pilot Ground SchThe New Year has come and gone! The January Intake has started training and the first Commercial Pilot Ground School of 2015 has commenced. Examinations always cause stress! I lecture Human Performance in which I explain to our students that stress is caused by a “perceived” threat; when we doubt ourselves the stress is much higher than when we have the appropriate knowledge or experience to deal with the threat. The threat need not even be real; it is our perception of the threat that causes the stress. 2014 has seen a great deal of uncertainty re the SA CAA theoretical examinations for the Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot examinations. Pass rates across the country have been abysmal in certain subjects, much to the consternation of the candidates sitting these examinations. 

So, if knowledge reduces stress, then allow me to share with you the 43 Air School Ground School results. The graph sets out the First Time Pass Rate achieved by our trainee pilots over the past three years. Not how many eventually passed after numerous attempts; those who passed at the first attempt. We are proud of these statistics; clearly there are subjects where improvement is an absolute necessity. Meteorology, Aviation Law and Flight Planning have proved extremely challenging but we are on the up and up.

I can thus with confidence say that you should not stress about the examinations! You put in the work, engage your lecturers who are eminently qualified to assist you, and the examinations will soon be part of your successful history at 43 Air School! Best wishes with your studies!

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