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Director Of Flight Training - Des Lynch (July)

The 43 Air School Ground School Team

43 Air School Ground School

From left to right, Du Toit Coetzee (ATP/CPL Navigation & Instruments), William Reed (CPL Met and PPL Navigation & Flight Planning), Inge Schlemmer (Exam Centre Assistant) , Anton Knoetze (CGI, ATP/CPL Law and Flight Planning), Christa Knoetze (Ground School Administrator) and Koos van Rensburg (ATP/CPL Aircraft Technical and Instruments).

There are additional guest lecturers who supplement the team, but these are the full time staff of the 43 Air School Ground School; the “backroom” men and ladies who facilitate the theoretical examination process at 43 Air School.

Most students find the theoretical part of their studies to become a commercial pilot the most challenging part of their training. It is difficult for the inexperienced pilot to become competent in various subjects to the international EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Standard. Through innovation, hard work and dedication the Ground School team play an important role in the student’s successful completion of his/her training. The ongoing saga of the new syllabus and problematic questions has added to the stress experienced by some students who have battled to pass the examinations.

It was thus heartening to note that the latest results of Group 1503-2 are truly encouraging! While it is true that many of them are preselected airline sponsored cadets; it does show what can be achieved with hard work. This group have achieved the results shown in the attached graph which shows their First Time Pass Rate for the relevant subjects.


It shows that an average of more than 90% of the group passed their IATPL subjects first time!

This is indicative of the teamwork between the students and the Ground School; the CGI has shown willingness to modify Mock exams requirements where the students have demonstrated their commitment by improved individual performance. This benefits the student who can now return to the flight-line sooner. Well done to all concerned.

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