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Director Of Flight Training - Des Lynch (June)

43 Air School employee for the month of May is Instructor Charlize Thessner for her airmanship in handling an emergency. The citation reads as follows: "Charlize Thessner was the instructor on a training flight which experienced undercarriage difficulties. She applied the appropriate procedures to ensure that the undercarriage was down using the Event Management Model. Notwithstanding the opinion of the external observers after a low flypast to the effect that the gear seemed to be fully down and locked; Charlize expected that it may not be locked down. She thus instructed the student to climb into the rear seat and assume the brace position. This reduced the weight on the nose wheel as well as making it safer for the student. An excellent landing was then carried out and the aircraft stopped on the runway. The physical inspection by the Engineers on the runway showed that both the left main and the nosewheel landing-gears were not safe. This emergency proved to be real, but because of the professionalism displayed by Instructor Charlize Thessner no damage nor injury ensued." Bravo Zulu Charlize!

Charlize Thessner

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