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Entry Level Requirements to join most Aviation Schools in South Africa

Basic Entry Level Requirements for Aviation Schools in South Africa

South Africa isn’t only known for its astonishing beauty and diversity as a country but also for the very high-quality flying schools available. There are a number of dedicated flying schools that are ready to groom any prospective and unfamiliar student into a top ranking pilot in no time and ensuring absolute confidence in the skies.

Picking the correct flight school is a daunting, sometimes even overwhelming, challenge to experience since the industry is pretty vast with many career opportunities to consider; however, picking an aviation school in South Africa will not disappoint with so many rewarding advantages.

43 Air School Entry Level Requirements

Some quick benefits of attending aviation schools in South African

1. Environment

South Africa offers captivating scenery, a relaxed atmosphere and it’s even been ranked as one of the best locations to attain a pilot license in the world. Prepare for your future career in a comfortable and professional environment at an Aviation School in South Africa.

2. Quality Training Aircraft

A “normal” student spends most of their time buried in books; however, the first steps toward an aviation career there is more time spent in the air. Picking a professional flight school with a great reputation and safety record will offer a quality learning environment. This will have the single biggest impact on your training.

3. Cost effective

Aviation schools in South Africa offer courses in the local currency (ZAR) instead of international currency, making it more cost effective . Not only are the costs lower than flight schools in other parts of the world, South African flight schools are accustomed to accommodating many international students and therefore most of the institution's facilities cater for this and still the cost remains lower. This does not, however, impact the quality of education and the qualifications are internationally recognised, with most aviation authorities and airlines recruiting pilots from South African schools.

4. Flexible schedules

Flexible schedules make it convenient for both local & international students because the flexible hours allow for quality spare time and travelling or a part-time job can be taken up to help pay for their studies.

It is important to partner with the right pilot training school, to get the support, knowledge, and practical experience you need to excel as a pilot.

The entry requirements to become a pilot

Entry Level Requirements to Become a Pilot

The below is only a showcase of basic entry requirements to give a general idea of what is expected from students.

Enrolling to get qualified as a pilot is much simpler than one would think. There aren’t any major requirements needed apart from the following:

  • South African students must be at least 17 years of age and international students must be 18 or older 
  • A valid ID or Passport
  • Medical Aid Cover (speak to aviation school if not covered, some are able to assist)
  • A copy of your school matriculation certificate or tertiary diploma/degree
  • It is highly recommended that you have a basic knowledge of Core Mathematics and Physical Science
  • Passing an aviation medical exam and an English Proficiency test
  • International students require a study visa

It is recommended to have Mathematics, Science and Geography as subjects at school, but they aren’t requirements. These are just to aid in the quicker understanding of the course material.

More of a tip than a requirement is to guard your reputation well. There is an old saying in the Aviation field: “there are old pilots and bold pilots – but there are no old bold pilots”. Airlines do their homework regarding pilots and a reputation in this industry will go a very long way.

At 43 Air School, we are extremely proud of our reputation in the industry and our pilots are placed all across the world at major airlines. Find out which course suits you best .

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