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The change of the seasons in the Eastern Cape from Winter to Summer are unfortunately always accompanied by adverse weather. There is often heavy rain and flooding which impacts flying adversely, as can be expected. The impact is made visible in the graph below which shows the percentage of flying slots lost to weather per month for the past number of years. This year has been relatively dry; farmers have been battling with the conditions. Unfortunately, while we have had little rain, we have seen day after day of very strong winds interspersed with days of low cloud.

Given that a large number of our students are in the solo and post solo phases of their training the effect has been particularly bad; students have been “grounded” for days on end which has been very frustrating. For both instructors and students! It is sunny and calm today, 6 November 2014. We look forward to it staying like this for a while as we hopefully head into our better weather months.

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