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How Much Does Commercial Pilot Training Cost?

Factors influencing the cost of Commercial Pilot Training

When speaking to enthusiasts about becoming a commercial pilot, most will tell you at first glance it seems quite expensive; however, there are various factors to take into consideration that will influence the actual cost. There are various aspects that impact the overall pricing like exchange rates, the type of field & course selected, housing – either live-in accommodation or deciding to rent out a more private residence, the training school and more.

How much does commercial pilot training cost

Choosing a flight school in South Africa will compliment most wallets

South Africa’s flying schools are in high demand and at the top of most rankings as some of the best flight schools to attend globally. South Africa is a favourite destination, so this demand together with extremely favourable exchange rates ensures prices are exceedingly lower than those of flying institutes in other countries.

Most flight schools in South Africa have large numbers of foreign students who use the exchange rate to their benefit, even with accommodation factored into this equation.

So what are the costs?

This all depends on the specific direction of pilot chosen. Flight schools, like 43 Air School, have a wide and vast list of different courses on offer.

Some of the most popular courses are the PPL – Private Pilot Licence, CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence, iATPL – Integrated Airport Transport Pilot Licence and the Jet Pilot Program. A Private Pilot Licence is the cheapest option and great for the recreational flyer. Commercial pilots can choose from a CPL, iATPL or Jet Pilot Program and each have different costs involved due to the hours of flying required, aircraft required to complete these hours and some will require hours on simulators such as the Boeing 737-800 and an Airbus A320.

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Live-in campuses

Most flying schools offer live-in campuses that benefit both international and local students. These campuses offer more than just accommodation.

Most residential campuses include:

- Free gym memberships
- A laundry service
- 3 meals a day
- Game rooms
- Sport fields
- Airport Shuttle Services
- Various team building activities
- On and Off-campus entertainment days

Be sure to research exactly which amenities are included at each campus.

Facilities and Equipment

When choosing a flying school it’s important not only to choose one with a dynamic name in the aviation industry but one that will have the facilities and equipment to cater for every individual need. A globally recognised flight school will ensure that they have a large enough training fleet and that maintenance of the fleet is first class. They will also have a selection of aircraft, helicopters and simulators for all levels of training. Safety records should be a top priority.

Classroom facilities should also have the latest technology employed to keep up with the aviation industry advancements.

The best flight instructors also come at a premium, but the best flight schools make sure they have the best instructors to maintain the highest training standards.

Choosing the correct flying school isn’t just about who’s offering the lowest prices. Aviation and education are crucial elements and therefore obtaining a qualification from a flight school with a spectacular performance record is optimal. Having a well-known flight school on a résumé will reflect well and open far more doors as a pilot.

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