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Jet “Prep” MCC – Getting you ahead starts here

43 Air School is proud to announce the newest addition to our Product Bouquet, namely the Jet “Prep” Multi Crew Co-Ordination course.

Traditional MCC training is delivered as part of a type rating which doesn’t cover all the theoretical or practical elements as required outside of the actual type rating. What you actually need is cutting edge airline specific training that will equip you with the demonstrable skill to stand out in the employment line.

43 Air School has tailor made an Airline standard MCC program that satisfies EASA & SACAA guidelines, offering you the candidate International standards at a fraction of the costs. This training is available in manageable modules allowing you to develop your qualification to employment attractiveness.

The Jet Prep MCC program is an essential step in developing and training you to be an airline pilot within a disciplined Jet flight deck environment. The outcome of this will equip you, the candidate, with the necessary proficiencies to effectively operate in a multi-crew airline environment on a Multi, Jet-engined airliner under IFR conditions.

Our expert Instructors will facilitate your development in a structured Airline approach to Flight Deck Management, Decision Making, Aircraft Situational Awareness and flight path advanced management techniques. All the training done within this module of training, counts as credits toward your Airline Pilot Preparation training program should you wish to continue with us.

Your training will include the following cutting edge benefits and enhancements:

• Structured introduction to Airline Operational Requirements
• High speed flight aerodynamics exposure
• Introduction to multi engine jet handling
• Normal & Non-normal Boeing 737 NG or Airbus A320 procedures
• Operational exposure and flying on type 737 NG/ A320 (Fixed base simulator)
• Airline Crew Resource Management
• Airline applied Threat and Error Management (TEM) training
• Introduction to Flight Management Systems, Auto flight and Flight Director orientation
• Jet systems introduction and familiarization training.
• Airline “best Practice” exposure to AWOPS, Part 23FAR/121 performance and flight planning

Additional benefits:
• All on eLearning platform (AWOPs, Publications, Flight Planning, Procedures and more)
• Robust report of training that can be added to individual’s resume when seeking airline employment
• Training Credit should the candidate wish to continue onto the Airline Pilot Preparation Program
• Preparation toward an ATPL flight test, should the required experience still need to be achieved
• This course will automatically classify you as a recognized CRM refresher

The Airline Prep MCC course is delivered at our PTC Facility in Port Elizabeth and the next course will commence on the 3rd November 2014. For more information please contact the 43 Air School Marketing department. 0027 46 604 3600 or fly@43airschool.com

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