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The Importance of Jet Transitional Training for a Commercial Pilot

Why Jet Transitional Training?

New opportunities and prospects are constantly on the horizon in the aviation industry and Jet Transitional Training has moved with the times. With the rapid speed at which the industry is growing due to globalization, it has allowed for more latitude to expand and focus on certain fields and the specific criteria that is required for it. Becoming a commercial pilot (CPL) is, to briefly put it, obtaining a qualification that allows one to be a pilot and make a career from it by receiving a financial income; however, flying a jet airliner is not the same as flying a turboprop aircraft and therefore it is recommended to undertake Jet Transitional Training.

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When completing your Commercial Pilot License you will need to choose a direction to qualify in and this requires some research and an understanding of what each course entails. There are many different courses to choose from but again, it depends on what path a pilot wishes to choose.

If jet training is the goal then undergoing the jet transitional training program is the place to start. This course consists of three sections to help and train any upcoming commercial pilot and prepares the pilot with the skills and experience that would be needed to achieve the type rating of choice, like Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320 .

There are three sections that are covered in this program

This course also consists of 135 simulation hours in some of the best and newest simulators on the market to give the perfect feel of the real experience. The Airbus A320 simulator is a great addition to the 43 stable.

Recognition of the Jet Transitional Training Qualification

Becoming a commercial pilot is a rewarding and important career and to break into it, you need to have the right qualifications (recognised by international airlines) with proper technical education and practical flying hours to ensure the safety of passengers and to create confidence with possible future employers. They need to be convinced and reassured that the person they choose to put in command of the aircraft knows what they are doing and will be able to ensure that the right call is made in every situation without hesitation.

Airline flying preparation as a Commercial Pilot

Once this program has been successfully completed, cadets become qualified commercial pilots and can begin the search for employment in the aviation industry with an airline of choice. Completing this course is a stepping stone in the right direction for any cadet who is interested in flying a commercial Jet Liner.

The importance of obtaining a jet transitional training qualification is about expanding your personal profile and looking towards the future with the aspects of vastly different career choices. This qualification will also benefit a pilot financially due to the up-skilling that allows for a more diverse range of aircraft to be flown. One can never be too qualified and this will also reflect well on a résumé.

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