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The youngest woman to become captain of a Boeing 777

Meet Anny Divya Boeing 777 Youngest Captain

At the early age of 19, Anny Divya was a force to be reckoned with. She is an example that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. Despite the naysayers and limited resources, it did not stop her from achieving her goal of becoming the youngest woman to captain a Boeing 777. So how did Anny accomplish this? To find out more, buckle up and prepare for take-off on her journey to success.

Anny Divya


Anny’s adventure began when she entered the world. School was a costly luxury, one which her father could not afford and in order to support himself and his family, he became a soldier in the army. 

Anny was born whilst her mother was posted close to the air base in Pathankot, India. It was not only the birth of Anny but also the birth of a dream between mother and daughter, that one day; she will become a pilot and take to the skies. 

Anny moved and studied in schools all over the country, where she excelled at times, and also fell behind like most of her peers. When asked to write a list of all her goals that she wanted to achieve, she wrote down 10 things. At the top of her list was her dream to become a pilot.

The idea of her becoming a pilot was laughed at when mentioned by her mother and continued to be the centre of amusement to all who became privy to her dream. This, however, did not stop her; it only fuelled her drive to accomplishing her goal. She did what was needed to be done, by putting in hours of hard work and finally reaped the rewards, by achieving 100% in all her subjects except English (92%) and Sanskrit (98%) 


After completing school, Anny wrote the engineering examinations. Although this gained her a free education at one of the best engineering school’s available to her, her heart was still set on becoming a pilot. 

A Swami, which is a Hindu male religious teacher, paid her a visit during her time of studies and told her that she would someday, become a pilot. Eager to pursue her goal, Anny responded to an aviation school advertisement by signing up for the entrance exam. This required her to travel by train for two days. Her ticket also meant that most of her trip would be spent standing.

Her father agreed to support her financially once she was accepted, which entailed numerous loans from the bank and relatives.


This became a trying time for Anny due to the fact that the school was based in a commercial city, whilst Anny came from a conservative, rural community that isn't very familiar with the English language. However, these challenges never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She just worked harder.


Anny’s hard work finally paid off by landing her a scholarship. She was just 19 when her training was done, and got to see her dream become a reality. Her first job was as the first officer of the Boeing 737. At age 30, she then earned the title of the youngest female commander of the Boeing 777. This aircraft flies regularly from India to New York, Chicago and San Francisco with the largest twinjet in the world and seats between 324 and 396 passengers. 

Anny teaches us an important lesson. With hard work and dedication, the sky’s the limit.

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