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Training at a Flight School in South Africa

The Benefits of choosing the right Flight School

Becoming a qualified pilot can be quite challenging, but also very rewarding. That’s why you should consider the benefits of training at a flight school in South Africa. You’ll benefit from the best learning environment and gain all the skills you need to succeed as a professional pilot.

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South Africa has some of the most captivating scenery in the world; it’s not only one of the top vacation destinations, but it’s also the location of choice when it comes to finding the best flight schools available. If you want to fly, South Africa has the right school to help you realise your dreams.

Choosing the right school

Determining your specific goal will help you find the right flight school; there are two different categories of curriculum: Part 141 and Part 61.

If you are seeking a career as a pilot, a school with a Part 141 program may fit your needs. These are for serious students who want to learn quickly. Instruction is done in a scheduled, fast-paced manner. These schools will usually have the most modern equipment, and a variety of instructors.

Part 61 programs are typically small businesses, run by individuals. Their standards and schedules are less regimented than their 141 counterparts. They often have fewer instructors available, and this can make it difficult for you to log the hours you need to earn your pilot’s license. However, if you aren’t in a hurry, and you enjoy more personalised instruction, you can find a great Part 61 flight school.

The right program to realise your goal

Most schools have several programs. You can choose to study for your private pilot’s license, or maybe you want to fly a luxury jet. Some of the larger schools, like 43 Air School, offer training in a variety of aircraft. Whether you dream of a career as an emergency response helicopter pilot, or you want to fly large commercial jet aircraft, South Africa’s flight instruction schools will accommodate your needs.

In addition to this, many schools offer cadet programs, that get you ready to work for large commercial carriers as soon as you graduate. This can help you get your career started even faster!

How much does flight school cost?

While prices vary between programs, flight schools in South Africa are competitively lower than other parts of the world. Most programs start from R 80,000 to R 160,000 (about $5800 - $11,600 USD). These prices include instruction, use of equipment, and materials. Your school’s admissions department will have detailed information on costs and fees.

As a leading flight school in South Africa, 43 Air School offers you high-quality flight instruction , as well as unmatched facilities and a serious passion for aviation. We give you the platform you need to get qualified as a professional pilot, and we can deliver airline ready candidates in less than 24 months.

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