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Vision 17

A Word From Director Of Flight Training - Des Lynch

The 43 Air School Training Division has spent the last six months of 2016 working on “Vision 17”. The project covers all aspects of flying training; ground and flying and is guided by this Mission:

To improve the customer experience by:
– Creating a student-centred, mastery climate
– improving the transfer of knowledge
– widening and deepening the skills taught
– streamlining the delivery of training

thereby increasing the readiness of our graduates to enter advanced training or industry.

We are very excited by Vision 17; it challenges all aspects of the delivery of training and underpins our concept of Next Generation Training. Our students have taught us much about flying training; encouraged us by their successes and made us think about their failures. The new CAA Examinations have caused much frustration and stress; we have sought to align our theoretical training with the new requirements. The English Language has its own challenges; we are working on providing eLearning on the iPad which will benefit all students but will be an absolute boon to the foreign students. And, of course, we have revisited the delivery of flying training to better prepare our students for the airline multicrew environment. 

This is a wonderful time to be a pilot, the job market is opening with each delivery of new aircraft to the airlines all over the world. Many of our instructors have been successful in finding good employment with reputable companies this year; we wish them well and thank them for their excellent service. The international pilot pool is relatively small; we continually hear of ex 43 Graduates making the grade with major airlines; Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Fly Dubai amongst others.

This is great feedback; especially when we hear the training Captains saying we are doing a good job and are delivering a quality product. So, we wish all the students who graduated during 2016 all the best and look forward to rolling out Vision 17 with the new students.

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