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What is the COMPASS Test for pilots?

Benefits of completing the COMPASS Test for pilots

The COMPASS Test  or COMPASS Assessment for pilots, also known as Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System, is a test that pilots or future pilots undertake to determine their competency, strengths and weaknesses.

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This test does not consist of flying experience but more on the basic knowledge of the profession and key aptitude fields. It also helps gauge interest in terms of becoming a career pilot.

This assessment is a must for anyone who is serious about embarking on a career as a captain in the skies. After the results from the COMPASS Test are computed, you will be able to determine your success as a future career pilot and what fields you would have to invest more time and resources in to improve.

Essentially a COMPASS Test consists of a set of psychomotor and psycho-technical tests including computerised pilot tests, mathematics, physics and verbal reasoning. It is compliant with the standards used by all major flight schools and airlines during pre-hiring screening and gives a perfect idea of what to expect when applying for a job in aviation.

The COMPASS Test for pilots consists of the following criteria:

  • Control: testing the control of hand-eye coordination and foot movement
  • Mathematics: basic ability of mathematics. The process of comprehending and the speed at which upcoming problems are solved
  • Orientation: learning the difference between spatial positions, comprehending a current position in regard to the following destination and measuring the overall position of an aircraft in flight by understanding the instrument panel
  • Memory: testing to ensure short term memory has the ability to recall important details and throwing out any unnecessary information that might block the ability to make an instant decision under pressure
  • Task Management: the requirement to multitask by scanning the screen while simultaneously handling other tasks appropriately
  • Slalom: a tracking system that tests pure hand and eye coordination

As you can see this test doesn't focus on flying experience or performance but more on the important qualities that all pilots should intrinsically have. It tests for basic pilot aptitude and gives a well-defined portfolio of strengths that could assist in picking the most suitable career path as a pilot . It will also target any perceived weaknesses so that improvement of the skill set can be focused on.

Completing the COMPASS Test for pilots comes highly recommended as safety is one of the most important tasks in this career and knowing what can be improved on will prove vital in improving as a pilot.

Speak to the aviation school of your choice and let them guide you in the right direction when it comes to assessing what direction you would like to take in your aviation career.

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