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What You Can Expect from Your Aviation School

Factors to keep in mind before choosing an Aviation School

Choosing an aviation school is an important decision and you should know exactly what your goals are before you make this decision. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from a professional aviation school in South Africa.

43 Air School Aviation School

Once you’ve decided to become a professional airline pilot, your first step is to get the right information and find an aviation school that can accommodate your needs. There are many aviation schools available, but it’s important that you choose one that will help you achieve your goals, and give you the training and skills you need to excel as a qualified pilot.

Choosing an aviation school will be one of the most important choices you’ll make in your career, as this is where you will get the training, skills, and background you need to succeed. You need to choose the right course and get training from skilled, qualified personnel that are passionate about what they do.

Ask about their course details – a good school will have a comprehensive program that teaches you everything you need to know to become a top notch airline pilot.

Aircraft availability and condition

In the same way that there needs to be plenty of instructors available, an aviation school should also have sufficient aircraft for you to log flying hours in. Make sure the school has plenty aircraft that are not outdated, otherwise your training will not fully prepare you for the newer aircraft you will fly as a pilot.

Ensure that the aircraft are in good condition, or else you might see them spending more time in the shop than the air. Look for signs of neglect, such as leaks and bald tires.

A good aviation school will offer you all this and more. Their facilities and equipment will be modern, updated and always well-maintained. Their instructors will be highly professional with a solid background in aviation. They will also offer comprehensive courses to help you get qualified as an airline pilot.

To summarise, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when looking for an aviation school:

  • Compare different training programs, especially in terms of pricing and fees, the number of instructors and aircraft available, their accreditations, and safety records.
  • Narrow your list down to a few possible options. Contact each aviation school, and ask for more information, specifically their entrance requirements.
  • Set up visits with each prospective school’s admission department. You can walk the school grounds, get a feel for their environment, and get all your questions answered.
  • Take a look at their aircraft and equipment. Confirm that they are well-maintained and that the school uses state-of-the-art technology.

43 Air School has the Southern Hemisphere’s largest “on location” training fleet. We are the ideal solution for any aspiring pilot looking for the best training facilities from the best aviation instructors. Contact us today to set up an appointment and find out more about our aviation school .

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