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Why Pilot Aptitude is critical to selecting the correct Crew

Having the Right Crew is Important

When growing up, a common answer to ‘what does one want to be when you grow up’ was, of course, becoming a Commercial Pilot . To a kid, the profession looked exciting and “plane” cool. At a young age, one believes anything is achievable BUT does one ever consider whether the dream career is really compatible?

Before enrolling at an air school, it is critical that the potential Pilot undergoes an aptitude screening known as a COMPASS test to determine if the role is going to be the right fit for the person.

The potential student will benefit from the COMPASS test as it will prevent money being wasted on unnecessary examinations and training; one does not want to discover during the process that the profession is not what was expected.

Why Pilot Aptitude is critical to selecting the correct Crew

The screening test consists of many elements such as the interview with the flight school, physical assessment, personality questionnaires, and most importantly the aptitude test. Aptitude tests differ between airlines, but some of the most common tests are:

  1. Numerical Reasoning: A pilot needs to be able to read and understand numerical information and make calculations quickly and accurately.
  2. Verbal Reasoning: A pilot needs to follow the instructions given to them in a written format and act on them accordingly. 
  3. Spatial Reasoning and Orientation: Some of the key skills for a pilot are the ability to understand the relationship between forms and space. 
  4. Abstract and Figural Reasoning: A pilot needs to understand and analyse visual information through pattern recognition, as well as the ability to generate hypotheses, change tracks and critically evaluate.
  5. Logical Reasoning: A pilot needs to draw logical conclusions from non-verbal information and apply it to problem-solving.

This not only ensures that the potential pilot is capable of performing the tasks assigned, such as being task manager or executing any technical job aboard the aircraft. The system also guarantees the air school that the best candidates are coming through, while also remarkably reducing the training costs for the airlines.

Why Pilot Aptitude is critical to selecting the correct Crew 2

Without the aptitude screening, airlines could suffer losses due to unqualified crew. It’s essential that the crew assigned to the flight should be able to handle any situation that they have to face, ranging from issues such as landing an aircraft in the middle of nowhere, to having the ability of verbal reasoning if an incident occurs on board and being able to fix a mechanical problem if one should arise.

43 Air School are committed to helping potential pilots find their wings. A computerised Compass Assessment tool is used to provide a cost effective method of selecting and screening candidates that have the appropriate set of skills to become a successful Commercial Pilot!

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