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Who is this course for:  A MCC endorsement is a legal requirement to operate in a Multi Crew cockpit, it certainly doesn’t ensure automatic employment with an airline. In fact, generic MCC training or MCC training included as part of non-airline type ratings don’t cover all the important theoretical or practical elements of MCC needed to be successful during a narrow body transport jet type rating.

MCC training is the first essential step in developing important foundational knowledge that will underpin a successful airline career.

43 has tailor-made an airline standard MCC Program that not only satisfies EASA and SA-CAA guidelines but is designed to be the first essential step in developing and training a candidate with knowledge and skills required for disciplined airline flight deck operations.

This course equips the candidate with the necessary proficiencies to effectively operate in a multi-crew airline environment on a Jet Multi-Engine Airliner under IFR conditions. Operational proficiency in a commercial flying environment is a prerequisite for aspirant airline pilots. The 43 developed "Expertisation" element of our MCC course bridges your development from single pilot operating methods to those required for successful Airline line operations.

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  • Valid CPL
  • Valid Instrument Rating
  • Valid Multi Engine Piston Class Rating
  • Valid CRM



Jet Airline MCC licence Endorsement
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