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Who is this course for: The APPP is a seamless training pathway for anyone who wants to continue from a Single Pilot ME/IR CPL level, all the way to “Airline Readiness”. The program is designed to develop the competencies required for the issue of a B737NG/A320 Type Rating with the successful candidate ready to commence operator specific line operations training.

This program is designed to take the candidate from CPL/IR level in a light, single pilot aircraft to type rating in a Jet Airliner. 

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    Airline MCC
  • Etops
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  • ICAO Level 4 English Proficiency,
  • Of of these 2 conditions:
  • 1) A frozen Integrated ATPL, and valid ICAO CPL License, & a valid ICAO Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (IR-ME) & 70 hrs PIC of aeroplanes
  • 2) A frozen ICAO ATPL, and valid ICAO CPL License, & a valid ICAO Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (IR-ME) & 70hrs PIC of aeroplanes. 25 Hrs on Multi - Engine aircraft (could be reduced to 15 Hrs if at least 10 Hrs completed in a simulator.
  • Candidates are required to have an iPad with iOS 7 or higher



Airbus A320 / Boeing 737 - 800 NG Type Rating
CRM Endorsement
TCAS/ACAS Endorsement
LVO Endorsement
MCC Endorsement
RNAV/GNSS Endorsement
RVSM Endorsement
CFIT/ GPWS Endoresement
ETOPS Endorsement



Whilst delivered as a type specific course (Airbus A320 / Boeing 737-800), the concepts learnt are applicable to type rating in any modern commercial jet transport. The program includes multi-crew co-operation, jet aircraft handling and type rating. The course equips the candidate for direct entry into the right hand seat of an airliner.

Phase 1 - Entry Level Training 

The purpose of an ELT course is to seamlessly transition the candidate from single pilot operations developing the skills required for safe and efficient multi crew flight deck operation while consolidating existing instrument flying and technical competence. At the completion of the ELT course, the candidate will be delivered to a point of readiness to successfully complete an airline operator type program in the most favorable conditions.

Phase 2 - Type Rating

This course develops the candidate to have the required skills and competencies for the issue of a type rating.

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