Cessna Caravan C208

Initial Rating

to 10 Days
Fly Hours
Sim Hours

43 Advanced is Africa's premier Cessna Caravan type rating training institution. 43 Advanced has developed a training program to provide clients with a world class type rating by aligning our training standards to international best practice standards.

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What this

Course Includes

Flying Program

  • Cbt%20training
    CBT Training
  • Equipment
  • Ground%20school
    Ground School



  • Valid Pilots License
  • Valid aviation medical certificate
  • Proof of Citizenship (Official Id or Valid Passport )
  • Pilots Logbook
  • In additional to the above requirements listed above, please note that 43 Advanced requires clients to be current in terms of Instrument Flying. The course is designed to provide the client with "aircraft type specific" training and not basic Instrument Flying training.
  • SACAA CPL/ATPL or other *NAA equivalent
  • English Language Proficiency of 4 or above
  • Class 1 or 2 Pilot Medical
  • **Should the client not hold a SACAA CPL/ATPL, it becomes vital that the client enquire and confirm with their NAA whether the type rating may be obtained in South Africa.
  • *43 Advanced will gladly assist the client with this process



Cessna Caravan C208 Type Rating



Aligning our training standards to international best practice standards. Providing world class training facilities. Using highly experienced type rated instructors.

Phase 1 - Ground School
Aircraft Technical Systems Training
Flight Planning, Performance and W & B
Aircraft Systems & Performance Quiz
Introduction to Multi Crew Coordination
Cockpit Procedures Training - Normal Procedures
Cockpit  Procedure Training - Abnormal / Emergency Procedures
Limitations and Aircraft recall Examination
Phase 2 - Flight Simulator Training
4 hours in 2 simulator seessions
Session 1 - Normal  Procedures (2 Hours Pilot flying)
Session 2 - Normal and Abnormal Procedures ( 2 Hours Pilot Flying)
Phase 3 - Aircraft Base Check
2 Hour Aircraft base check ride
Type Rating Sign Off

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