Charter Pilot Program



378 Days

Flying Hours Included

143 and Sim 39

Charter Pilot Program

The Integrated CPL/IR is a full time course, ab-initio to qualification as a Commercial Pilot with Single-Engine Instrument Rating. Designed from the onset to train a professional pilot, the course provides seamless training to CPL/IR . The unique aspect of this training program is that there is no requirement to qualify as a Private Pilot en route to your professional pilot qualification, so allowing training to be arranged in the most efficient & effective way to lead you to a career in professional aviation.

There is also the option of adding on a Cessna Caravan Rating to this course.

This course includes :

3 meals a day
Laundry Service
Gym membership
Lecture Fees
Courseware and Equipment
Landing Fees
Exam Fees
CAA Fees

Pre-Entry Requirements

ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4

School graduating Level, Core Mathematics and Physical Science

South African Aviation Medical (Class 1), 18 Years or older

Final Qualification:

South African CAA Commercial Pilot Licence, with Single Engine Class & Instrument Rating

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