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Who is this course for: Designed to bridge the gap between Single Pilot ME/IR CPL level and the start of a type rating course, the ELT is for anyone that does not meet the type rating course requirements but would like to get ready to start a type rating course. The ELT course develops the competencies required to enter and pass a type rating course in the “most favorable conditions”.

The purpose of an ELT course is to seamlessly transition the candidate from single pilot operations developing the skills required for safe and efficient multi crew flight deck operation while consolidating existing instrument flying and technical competence. At the completion of the ELT course, the candidate will be delivered to a point of readiness to successfully complete an airline operator type rating program in the most favourable conditions.

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  • • English Language Proficiency Level 4 or higher
  • • one of these 2 conditions:
  • ◦ a frozen integrated ATPL, and a valid ICAO CPL License, and a valid ICAO multi-engine instrument rating (IR-ME) and 70 hours as pilot in command of aeroplanes, or
  • ◦ a frozen ICAO ATPL, and a valid ICAO CPL License, and a valid ICAO multi-engine instrument rating (IR-ME), and 200 hours of flight including at least:
  • ▪ 70 hours as pilot in command of aeroplanes;
  • ▪ 25 hours on multi-engine aircraft (could be reduced to 15 hours if at least 10 hours completed in a simulator)
  • • Candidates are required to have an iPad with iOS 7 or higher



Jet Airline MCC licence Endorsement
JOC Completion Certificate

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