Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence



378 Days

Flying Hours Included

143 and Sim 42

Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence

Who is this course for: Charter flying, bush pilot

"The Integrated CPL/IR is a full-time course, ab-initio to qualification as a Commercial Pilot with Multi-Engine Instrument Rating. Designed from the outset to train a professional pilot, the course provides seamless training to CPL/IR. The unique aspect of this training program is that there is no requirement to qualify as a Private Pilot en route to your professional pilot qualification, so allowing training to be arranged in the most efficient & effective way to lead you to a career in professional aviation. "

What is included in the course :

  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • Laundry Service 
  • Gym membership
  • Lecture Fees
  • Courseware and Equipment
  • Landing Fees
  • Exam Fees
  • CAA Fees

Pre-Entry Requirements

ICAO English Language Prociency Level 4

School graduating level Core Mathematics and Physical Science

South African Aviation Medical (Class 1)


South African CAA Commercial Pilot Licence, with Multi-Engine Class and Instrument Rating

COMPASS brochure

Selecting the best candidates for pilot training, type training or pilot employment is a difficult, delicate but extremely import task.


Who Funds Pilot Training?

Pilot training is funded by the end user of the training benefit, namely Airlines, Governmental Skills development departments and numerous individual financing houses, such as Javlin Air Services.

Current Occupation: Full - time Student

Instructor: Daniella Billett, Patrick Scorgie

My 43 Experience: Lots of Hard work, Great meeting awesome people from all over the world.

~ Mamolepo Hamese - IATPL

My First Solo

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