Vietnam Airlines Cadet Program

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61 Weeks

Flying Hours Included

200 Flying | 80 Simulator

Vietnam Airlines Cadet Program

The 43 Air School Vietnam Airlines Cadet Pilot Program is designed and approved to match the entrance requirements of Vietnam Airlines pilot recruitment. The program is inclusive of a CAAV approved Integrated ATPL, a ME Commercial Pilots License with Instrument Rating and an Airbus A320 Airline MCC & JOC

Course Fees

USD 74 413 Excluding Accommodation (Please note: prices can fluctuate due to exchange rates)
USD 87 779 Including Accommodation  (Please note: prices can fluctuate due to exchange rates)

Our program consists of:

200 hours flying training (Piper Cherokee 140/180, Piper Arrow, Piper Seneca )

  • 55 hours Single Engine Dual flying
  • 30 hours Multi Engine Dual flying 
  • 115 hours Pilot in command hours

80 hours Simulator training (FNPT II , Airbus A320) 

  • 39.8 hours FNPT II
  • 40 hours  Airbus A320

1000 hours Ground Theory training 

  • 160 hours Initial Ground School
  • 840 hours ATPL Ground School


  • Ground theory: Classroom lessons, supported by computer based training
  • Flying: Aircraft, FNPT II Simulator and Airbus A320 Simulator

Click here to download the Cadet Training Brochure. 

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Must hold Vietnamese Citizenship
  • Holder of an SACAA Medical certificate & ICAO Level 4 English
  • Complete a Compass assessment at Vietnam Airlines Flight Training centre
  • Ability to apply for a 24 month South African study visa

Course Dates

Start Date:03 April 2017
End Date:03 May 2018
Start Date:08 May 2017
End Date:08 June 2018
Start Date:19 June 2017
End Date:19 July 2018
Start Date:31 July 2017
End Date:31 August 2018
Start Date:11 September 2017
End Date:11 October 2018
Start Date:23 October 2017
End Date:23 November 2018
Start Date:27 November 2017
End Date:27 December 2018

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