43 Air School has received Austro Control approval to conduct EASA exams in Port Alfred on a monthly basis. These exams are open to any pilots who meet the requirements to write these exams and are not limited to students currently enrolled at 43 Air School.

For candidates who are required to undergo an EASA approved theoretical knowledge course (ground school) before writing these exams, 43 Air School has partnered with Bristol Groundschool (BGS) and is able to offer a 100% remote learning solution.

Exams are taken on iPads provided at the exam centre with the results available immediately after the exam. They are also sent by email the following week to the candidate from Austro Control.

  • Questions are drawn from the whole of ECQB 2021
  • There are no ‘quadrant’ style questions
  • Annexes are viewable on-screen and printed if the question requires it
  • Results are available instantly
  • Retakes in the same sitting are not allowed

The Austro Control exams will be offered at 43 Air School normally once a month. 

 accccccccccccccccccccBook Exams with Austro Control & 43 Air School

  1. Download the relevant application:
    ATPL (A) Application
    ATPL (A) Conversion Application
    ATPL and CPL (H) Application
  2. ATPL (A), ATPL & CPL (H) Application – Complete pages 1 and 2 of the form electronically (not by hand) and then electronically sign or print and sign Part 2. (Please note – if you have not studied with Bristol Groundschool, you will also need your ATO to complete and sign Part 3).
  3. ATPL (A) Conversion Application – Complete pages 1 and 2 of the form electronically (not by hand) and then e-mail directly to Austro Control with the last pages of your logbook –  examinations@austrocontrol.at
    Austro will then check that you meet the requirements and send you confirmation. 
  4. A completed form is required for each exam sitting, selecting the exams that you wish to sit.
  5. Please note -Incorrectly completed or late submission of forms will result in cancelled exams.
  6. Email completed forms to easa@43airschool.com. Please specify the month you wish to sit the exams.
  7. Once all your documents have been received, we will reach out to finalise your booking.

Please note ECQB08 (old syllabus) exams are no longer available to book with Austro Control. If you have started a series on the old syllabus any remaining exams will be sat using the new 2021 syllabus.

KSA Requirement

Knowledge skills and attitudes (100-KSA) is a new subject area recently introduced as a compulsory module for students studying for their 2021 syllabus examinations. It explores the pilot competencies, the non-technical aspects that airline pilots are assessed against. There is no associated EASA exam, your ATO is required to sign you off for this module prior to booking your final Austro Control examination. The new Austro Control booking form incorporates a KSA section to be signed by your ATO.


6 & 7 September 2022

4 & 5 October 2022

2 & 3 November 2022

29 & 30 November 2022


How much do the exams cost?

The fees are R895.00 per exam. Bookings, changes & cancellations must be made 8 working days before the start of the exam week. That is the Wednesday, before 17:00 a week and a half prior to the start of the exam week.

We are able to arrange your accommodation in Port Alfred at an additional cost. 

Do I need to complete an EASA ATPL ground school?

If you are converting an ICAO ATPL with a valid type rating on a multi-pilot aircraft or helicopter, you must meet the minimum experience requirements for an ATPL (listed below) and pass all 13 ground exams but you don’t need to attend a formal ground school course.

  • 500 hours on multi-pilot aircraft
  • 250 hours pilot in command (or 500 hours pilot on command under supervision; or 70 hours pilot in command and 180 hours pilot in command under supervision)
  • 200 hours cross country
  • 75 hours instrument time
  • 100 hours night flying

If you hold a non-EASA CPL, or an ATPL but you are following the CPL conversion route, you need to do an approved ground school course and then pass all 13 ground exams: there is no credit given.

43 Air School, through its partnership with Bristol Groundschool (BGS), offers an EASA approved 100% online remote ground school if you require it to be eligible for entry to the ATPL exams. Please note that you need to hold atleast a PPL to complete the Bristol Groundschool (BGS) course.

What do I need to do after the exams?

You will need an EASA Class One medical certificate  (issued by the same state you wish to issue your EASA licence). You will also need to pass an ATPL skills test, which is a combination handling check (and IR if appropriate), on the aircraft you are type rated on. This test must be conducted by an EASA TRE on a simulator (or aircraft) approved for the purpose by EASA.

It is important to understand that the multi-pilot hours must be flown on an aircraft approved for multi-pilot operations by EASA, and the ATPL Skills test must also be conducted on a multi-pilot type and you must already have that type on your ICAO ATP Licence. If you have been flying a single pilot type but operating it with two pilots, you may still be able to count the hours as multi-pilot if you are able to prove that the company operations manual required a minimum of two pilots.

However, the skills test must still be flown on an EASA multi-pilot type and you must have this type on your ICAO licence. If in doubt, it is vital that you get the agreement of the licence issuing authority that your hours count before you embark on training.

43 Air School does not currently offer flight training for the conversion of your licence after completion of the exams. This would need to be done by an EASA approved ATO in Europe.

For FAQ’s regarding the Austro Control exams:




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