As the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and in the world of aviation, this happens regularly. However, this eventually damages the aircraft. This is why airline companies require the help of an aircraft mechanic. What is an aircraft mechanic? It’s not a pilot, but it still one of the most important roles in the aircraft industry. An aircraft mechanic can be seen as a superhero because he/she is responsible for the upkeep of the aircraft. When I say upkeep I’m not referring to serving passengers, but rather maintaining and repairing the mechanical and avionics equipment that allows aeroplanes and helicopters to safely operate. Their work ensures a safe and pleasant flight for both passenger and pilot. Read on to find out more on this soaring career path.


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Job Responsibilities


An aircraft mechanic’s sole purpose is to ensure that the aircraft is in top form before take-off. This entails many important tasks such as inspection, repairing and maintaining the electrical structural and mechanical elements of the aircraft
Some of the duties involved are diagnosing mechanical or electrical problems, measuring parts to wear using precision, reading maintenance manuals to identify methods of repair and repairing wings, brakes, electrical systems, as well as other aircraft components.
This career is certainly no walk in the park, but with passion, determination and the correct training, you too could be on your way to being a successful aircraft mechanic.


How to become an airline mechanic


An Airline Mechanic Personality

Training is an important requirement in this field, however, it is not the only one. In order to pursue this career, you have to be responsible, have good observation and problem-solving skills and have a positive approach towards health and safety regulations.

An Airline Mechanic’s Education

Being a teenager in school is a task on its own, trying to decide your career path, whilst achieving good grades can become tiring. A career in aviation allows you to pursue a career as an aircraft mechanic from the age of 16.

The basic requirements will be a copy of your identification document, as well your matric certificate which should obtain subjects such as English, Mathematical literacy/ academical and physical science.
When applying, the minimum requirement is an Achievement level 4 or a minimum N3 certificate with mathematics and engineering science D symbol.

An Airline Mechanic’s Training

In addition to having the aptitude for a career as an aircraft mechanic, one should also have the correct training.
The academy should be able to provide aptitude theoretical knowledge, as well as hands on skills, in order to mould the students into a capable aircraft mechanic.

The course can take up to 30 months. During this time, the students will learn various things such as electrical fundamentals, digital techniques, material and hardware, theory of flight and aircraft avionic systems

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