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Gain a comprehensive understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of flying, equipping you for a dynamic career in aviation.

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Step into the aviation industry with a competitive edge, as our graduates are highly sought after by major airlines worldwide.

42 Air School

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At 43 Air School, we provide an integrated study program that fast-tracks your aviation career, covering three licenses in one comprehensive course. With over 70 aircraft and an equal number of instructors, we ensure a personalised learning experience. Our on-campus ground school, all-inclusive course fees, and dedicated safety officers ensure you have a seamless, high-quality training experience, setting you up for success in the aviation industry.






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Integrated Training Program

43 Air School offers a unique integrated training program that allows learners to complete three different pilot licenses in one streamlined course. It’s an efficient way to fast-track a career in aviation, ensuring learners acquire a robust skill set.

Personalised Learning Experience

With over 70 aircraft and more than 75 instructors, each learner receives a personalised training experience. This ensures that learners have ample opportunity for hands-on learning and one-on-one instruction.

All-Inclusive Study Packages

43 Air School provides an all-inclusive training package, covering everything from tuition fees to accommodation. This, along with the absence of hidden costs and allows students to fully focus on their training.

Ground and Flight School

Unlike many other flight schools, 43 Air School provides a structured ground school as part of the curriculum. Learners live and study on campus, immersing themselves in an environment that is conducive to learning and networking.

Committed To Developing The Most Talented Airline Pilots In The Industry.

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Next Generation Flight School

Our Courses

Our comprehensive programs offer more than just flight training; they are a gateway to a flourishing aviation career


Private Pilot Licence

This course is for students who would like to pursue recreational flying. First step towards a modular Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).


Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence

This course is for students who would like to train as Professional Pilots but not necessarily want to pursue an Airline Career.


Integrated Airline Pilot Training

This course is for Professional Career Pilots who want to fly specifically for an Airline and to fast track their Airline Career entry.

Technical Training

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Training

This could be your ticket to a successful future in the Aircraft Maintenance industry throughout the world.


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